SKI Bus from Prague & Pardubice

Season 2017/2018

CITY SKI is the largest provider of one-day ski trips in the Czech Republic and CITY SKI buses go to Rokytnice several times a week.

Price of skibus package is 800 CZK for all participants of the trip. Package includes: one-day ski pass, bus transport

Each trip participant will receive a return ticket, a full-day skipass, a ski magazine and a free upgrade to your style with an instructor from the ranks of active or former skiers.

As a part of the CITY SKI tours you can enjoy lot of fun, VIP guests, cultural videos about skiing in the city, ski equipment competition, dating and many other services creating a unique atmosphere typical for the ski community.

   > Departure points

CITY SKI buses depart from Prague from Palmovka Metro Station at seven o'clock in the morning unless otherwise stated.
CITY SKI buses from Pardubice leave at 7 a.m. from the winter stadium. In case of interest they can stop at the bus station in Hradec Králove.

   > Routes

The route from Prague leads via Mlada Boleslav and iit has a character of the express - the bus does not have any planned stops to get you to Rokytnice as quickly as possible. If you live on this route and think you are so exceptional that the bus can stop for you, contact CITY SKI. Owner of CITY SKI Pavel Trčala will be happy to hear you, and maybe you will have a possibility of VIP entrance. The CITY SKI bus arrives in Rokytnice near the cable car, so you do not have to go far from the bus.
The route from Pardubice leads via Hradec Kralove and Horice and in case of interest it is possible to board the bus in Hradec.

   > Return from Rokytnice

The CITY SKI bus lands near the cablecar in the morning and then sails to the lower parking lot. After skiing you can ski down to the bus. The departure of the CITY SKI buses from Rokytnice is at 16:15 and arrival to Prague is at 18:15. Arrival to Hradec is 17:45, to Pardubice at 18:00.

   > Dates and booking

CITY SKI organizes regular tours to Rokytnice not only on weekends but also on weekdays. During the ski season watch the CITY SKI website for the current schedule. CITY SKI trips do not have to be paid in advance, but every skier needs to book a seat.