Vrbat's Hill is named after Václav Vrbat and on top of the stand stands the Hanč and Vrbata Mounds in memory of the tragic deaths of Václav Vrbata and Bohumil Hanč during the international 50-kilometer cross-country race on March 24, 1913. During the races, the weather deteriorated extremely high wind came a blizzard and the temperature dropped significantly. Apart from Bohumil Hanč, all competitors managed to stop and cancel the race. 

Vrbata then provided Hanč with a part of his clothing while trying to save him, thus eventually sacrificing his life - his frozen body was found in these places. Today, March 24 is celebrated as Mountain Service Day in his memory. On hot summer days, Elijah's fire is observed on the mound. About 150 meters southeast of the peak stands Vrbatova bouda, less than 300 meters north-northeast of it is the Hanč monument.